On This Temporary Insomnia

I turn to this blog because Facebook and Twitter aren’t intimate as much, my house mates are sleeping and my partner and I of 3 years are splitting. Weeks of acceptances and rejections, new poems and interviews, desired projects to approach and so much work in general, I lean in to loneliness tonight. It’s a hard breeze pushing me back against myself and what’s left in the middle of such friction is my own confusion and the sure, unsolicited advice from others who are equally falling apart. How the wind blows.

When I was a younger, post-adolescent boy/man hybrid, I felt this same thing. But I couldn’t label it. Not properly or with accuracy. It keeps returning, this isolation regardless of love, network, community, circumstance, and I recognize it as a man (now) as something that might persist for the duration.

So…I ask a question of you, blog family…and you can please email me at dfmnola@hotmail.com with your answers…How do you go on? How do you move forward with aplomb? Is there an integrity related to surviving?

I want to be sad tonight, but I’m too inquisitive and tired to be that. I reach out to you.

With love,

New Poem

Hi family. I’ve been trying out this new (to me) conversational style of poem lately.


I was stuck
thinking about a word
to put in the beginning of a poem
and then I took my head out for a walk,
last night,
it was dark and getting colder
and so much was happening that made me sad
that I came home
in an uncomfortable silence
only broken by me
stepping out of my shoes on the hard wood floors,
I remember,
my partner I loved for years said
I made too much noise when I walked through a dead house
like ours was,
it was dead,
I woke up this morning without words
to start a poem
but a vodka drink was on a table
at the foot of my bed
and I smelled bacon, coffee was going,
my house mate said,
I put breakfast on your desk,
you make this place feel alive.

Poems Recently Accepted

Special thanks to Contraposition, 50 Haikus and The Rain, Party, and Disaster Society for accepting some of my poems for upcoming publication. Independent poetry organizations like these continue to support writers like me who work hard for art first. Supporting indie publishers is worthwhile and remains the best way to help everyone explain themselves through creativity. Best wishes to you all and your own work! DFM

Great News For The Poetry Book

My collection, Little Human Accidents, has spiked to #82 in Contemporary Poetry in the Kindle Store. Thank you all for your continued interest in my work. Much more is ahead. And I’ve included a link I hope you’ll share with poetry friends. Little Human Accidents is on sale in Kindle for 3.99. Cheers, friends!