My Ad with BookPinning: The Magazine

A cheers and much thanks goes out to the team at BookPinning: The Magazine. Below is a view of my ad they’re now running in the March 2013 issue. For authors, I recommend visiting their site to learn more about what they do/offer/encourage: check out BookPinning. They are new, communicate professionally, are very enthusiastic and highly supportive of independent authors.


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2 thoughts on “My Ad with BookPinning: The Magazine

  1. It’s a one day at a time effort, certainly. Thousands of hours earning minimal success in this industry is more likely than a few hours yielding great fortune. There isn’t a lottery ticket for art, otherwise it would be something we try to attain rather than aspire to. Thank you so much for your shared enthusiasm, my friend. Warmth and light toward you and your own creative life. :)

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