Minding Your Manners As An Artist

As I was asked to begin a column for Novelspot, I recognize my first two installments largely served to vent frustration about the modern self-publishing industry, which really has overwhelmingly proven to me that the dominating element is “self” and not “publishing.” I do believe I’ve learned a tremendous amount about the new world of publishing over the last two years because of my involvement with online writer/reader communities, but I find myself tending to self-isolate more and more when I engage. And I don’t like that. I come from a pretty joyful place when it comes to celebrating others and their art, regardless of form. So, I’ve written these two, well, rants (to be honest), with the goal of moving past the frustration and generating what I feel to be better discussions in the near future. See what I mean at Novelspot and throw in your thoughts as well, and let’s get some likeminded friends together to begin a dialogue from a better place than all that pedantic and professorial know-it-all marketing talk that turns me and many others off.

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